Petrol Engine vs. Diesel Engine Vehicles


Nowadays, drivers in Malaysia are offered the flexibility to choose which engine for the car they desire – either a petrol-engine or diesel-engine. Petrol and diesel both have their own perks as well as limitations; although not many really know the differences they both carry. However, it is important to know these differences as not only it will give impact to your spending but also the driving experience they both has to offer.

Diesel engines

Diesel engine develops maximum torque – giving drivers the power to drive up a hill even when carrying heavy weight. Smoother drive is expected as well as offering better fuel economy to drivers, as it contains more energy than petrol.

Petrol engines

On the other hand, petrol engine offers maximum power at a higher revs – making it more exciting to drive through the racier feel it gives. Also, the prices of cars with petrol engine are lower than diesel engine cars, which make it an obvious choice for most drivers to get petrol engine cars instead.

Below table and figures show the trend of both diesel and petrol cars in Malaysia based on our analysis:


There is no right way to say which is better, as it all depends on personal preferences. Although it seems that the industry is trying to shift away from diesel due to its emissions that leads to local air pollution; the latest and current diesel crop such as Euro 6 is considered to be clean and better than the older diesels. The selling of petrol engine cars is now also affected due to the increasing trend of hybrid cars, plug-in hybrid cars and electric cars – which are more cost saving and efficient than petrol engine.

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